Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy can be used to help individuals overcome low self-esteem and address distorted thought and behavior patterns. Psychotherapy is a form of behavioral therapy that focuses on the individual's emotional and psychological well-being. Forms of psychotherapy include psychodynamic, cognitive and others.

Psychodynamic therapy is a general name for approaches that attempt to get the individual to surface his or her true feelings and then to understand those feelings. This therapy focuses on the basic assumption that everyone has an unconscious mind (sometimes called the subconscious) and that feelings held in the unconscious mind are often too painful to be faced. Psychodynamic therapy helps the individual to deal with not yet conscious feelings.

Cognitive therapy focuses on changing negative thoughts and behaviors and recognizing what triggers them. Cognitive therapy may focus on weight restoration with meal planning, assistance with developing regular eating patterns, and discouraging the use of dieting. This type of behavioral therapy provides a structured, safe, and supportive environment to discuss the foods the individual fears most.

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